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I Love That.

Posted on Jan 9, 2013 by in Art | 0 comments

I love writing.

Sometimes I come here and just stare at this blank space, craving to fill it up with words for the mere joy of creation.  Creation is so fullfilling, so satisfying, like the perfect, sweeping victory in a game of Settlers of Catan. To sit back and read and enjoy your own work is addictive, like sugar and I just want more.  When an idea comes knocking, I can’t put it off or I’ve discovered it might not return. I have to open the door and answer now.

My friend came to visit and she’s a writer and we talked writing and adverbs and I love that. I love that, and it sounds in my head just like the little boy from Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close when he opened the movie talking about his dad and everything that his dad did and he ended each statement with and I love that and I loved the way he said it. It might have been my favorite part of the whole movie because of the abandon with which he named the things he loved, silly things, small things, things that others might scoff at. But it spoke to me and I say this here:
I love writing.

Fearless is my word for 2013 and all of us have to swallow fear like Robitussin when we create, all the sticky bitter syrupy drops of it. Creation can stress and the blank canvas yawns wide and the fear is that I’ll mess it up, it won’t be perfect, it won’t be what I want it to be, others will hate it.

But to all that fear, I say,

You shall not pass!

And the words have to be big like that because that is how they look and how you must speak them, so that you and your foe believe them and everyone is subdued into submission and then the calm after the storm and you create. Creation that’s beautiful like Genesis and satisfaction that tastes like victory and it’s crafting and writing and cleaning and organizing and cooking and exercising and building and believing, too.

And it doesn’t matter if someone else has done it before because the process of creating changes you, shapes you, and sets you free inside.

And I love that.



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