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A Perfect Shade of Purple (a poem)

Posted on Feb 11, 2013 by in Neither Here Nor There | 2 comments

Feb 007

Purple is the color of my 2013.

I didn’t choose it, it chose me.

Everywhere I look, purple.

Purple phone, wallet, sweater, nails.

The synesthete in me sees fearless as purple,

Chasing down plum-colored dreams

that are as juicy as they are beautiful.

It’s a cool, insouciant shade of blue shaken (not stirred) together with a spicy shade of reckless red,

That point where cool indifference kisses breathless passion and they mix and melt

into the perfect shade of purposeful purple passion.

A lot of soul and a little rock and roll.

C’mon 2013,

Let’s do this.




  1. and you call forth the bold and the brave in me with these fearless hues wrapped in letters.
    love your poetic voice, Ashley!

    • Thank you Kelli! I find it takes more courage to post a poem, for some reason. You’re sweet to encourage me. 🙂


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