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Be Who You Are

Posted on Oct 14, 2013 by in Faith | 0 comments

Lady Gaga’s incredibly popular second album is titled “Born this way.”  The theme of the album is universal self-acceptance regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. One song is about Judas Iscariot and in her own words: “honoring your darkness in order to bring yourself into the light.” Black and White 015-001

It’s a seductive message, as indicated by her scores of fans. Honor your darkness to bring yourself into the light and accept the way you were born. Unfortunately, it is a message that will lead scores of lost people into further bondage.

God calls us to be who were reborn to be. Our first birth gives us all of our unique characteristics  and personalities, along with a sin nature that continually leads us astray. Our second birth, the spiritual birth sets us free from the power of our sin nature.  Now we are free to be who we are in Christ, not one whitewashed “Christian” personality, but a kaleidoscope of colorful characters washed in the blood and given power over sin.

When the Bible talks about our salvation, justification, sanctification, and glorification, it speaks in the past tense.  You have been justified, sanctified, glorified. Why? Because the transaction happened at the cross, once for all time.  God didn’t just forgive sins; He atoned for them with Jesus’s blood. The payment was paid and received and accepted, and when Jesus cried out, It is finished, those words echoed down through the centuries with freedom for everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord to be saved. It really is finished.

Now what? Be who you are. Not who you were born to be, but who you were reborn to be. Who you truly are now—blood bought, sanctified, glorified saint. A citizen of heaven. A called-out one. Called out to holiness, freedom, and life that is truly life. 

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