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Behold the Man

Posted on Oct 9, 2013 by in Faith | 0 comments

Today is the first day I can say, “I feel better!”

I keep thinking of this line from my kids’ (super sweet) book Bear Feels Sick after Bear’s friends have made him tea, given him medicine and tried to cheer him up when he’s sick.  Finally, feverishly, he falls asleep.

“The friends watched and waited, they’d done all they could.  Then the bear wakes up. . . and the bear feels good!”

I am so thankful for all the prayers.

Today, for 31 days of hope, I want to share a sermon.  A sermon full of hope.

My husband preached it on Sunday but I was unable to hear it since I was at home with sick little ones.

So I caught up last night before bed.  And I texted him just this: Wow.

He’s been preaching through John and this  sermon zeroes in on the crucial moment when Pilate must decide what to do with Jesus.   Black and White 015-001

One of my favorite lines: And in a moment that was more telling than they knew, the Jews chose a wicked man over the righteous Son of God.

The painting above was done by Elias Garcia Martinez to capture the atmosphere of tension in the moments before Christ was crucified.  Look at the painting, listen to the sermon and find your heart completely redirected from yourself, your problems, the world to the Savior who paid so great a price to set you free.

Be blessed and encouraged today friends. To listen to the sermon, click HERE.

Much love,



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