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Jesus’ Love Language

Posted on Oct 15, 2013 by in Faith, Family | 1 comment

Oct 2013 018-001  

Most of us have heard of the five love languages.  You can identify your favorite way to give and receive love in order to improve the quality of your relationships. Jesus’ love language is no mystery. He tells us over and over in the Bible, If you love me, you will keep my commandments. Obeying him and pursuing holiness is Jesus’s love language. We don’t want to be loved through one grand gesture, but through one million tiny ways each day, faithfully, consistently. Jesus wants our daily love through obedience and our pursuit of holiness.

 Oct 2013 007-001

Scottish preacher Horatius Bonar  wrote “Holiness is not measured by one great heroic act or mighty martyrdom. It is of small things that a great life is made up.”  


The Sum of Holiness and Obedience is the sum of one million seemingly small and mostly invisible choices you and I will make today, tomorrow, this weekend.  It is the decision to turn the channel, open a Bible, stop and listen, choose to speak, choosing not to speak. It is small acts of self-denial, generosity that no one sees and no one celebrates but God and the angels in heaven.  It is denying the flesh and its insatiable curiosity, recognizing fear before it grows out of proportion, choosing truth over lies. It is hearing gossip and knowing you’ll want to tell your friend later in the day, but praying for help not to. It is saying “I’m sorry” when your mouth inevitably leads you to sin. It is going to church when you don’t feel like it and taking baby steps to love that member who is irksome to you.  It’s the quiet, solemn repentance at night in your bed when you failed to do many of these things.  Oct 2013 008-001

Some of our greatest spiritual victories will happen in the quiet hours of a lazy afternoon when no one is watching.

Sanctification is the good versus evil storyline playing continuously in our daily lives through countless battles: victories minor and major, and defeats, too. No less dramatic than Harry versus Voldemort or Aragorn versus Sauron is our battle and fight for holiness.  Sometimes we slay the demon of self and sometimes we stumble on our own pride, but continually we surrender to the Savior of our souls, for he is the one who is at work in us, both to want to do his will and to carry it out. Oct 2013 015-001

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  1. Ashley, What a great reminder to us today! I love it, I love the pictures of your kids! How fun! And you look great!

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