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Solitude, Silence, Sabbath.

Posted on Oct 4, 2013 by in Faith | 3 comments

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It’s a tilt-a-whirl world obsessed with busy. We’re connected everywhere, to everyone, and never really alone. But we need solitude. We need a break from the needs of everyone around us, the relationships ever ongoing, the stresses and the friction and the hourglass of time slipping away, always ever onward. Jesus sought solitude, often before momentous events. He needed to hear from the Father.

We need to sit in the Presence of the One who doesn’t change, isn’t constrained by time, and needs nothing more from us than what we want to give him–our hearts, our stress, our cares and worry. And we must stay there long enough for our shy souls to surface.

Silence is for the listening.  Listening for the voice of the Invisible Kingdom, mustard seed strong and rooted deep.  Silence is the shield against the constant pings, bells and buzzes of a world on the treadmill of doing. Silence is for worshipful being, just being in the fellowship of the Father, Son, Spirit. We reach out for answers, love, hope, grace.

Sabbath is God’s original order for restoration. We’re ashamed of our need for rest, but He ordained Sabbath for rest and recreation, literally “to be re-created.”  We’re re-created in play, in sleep, in not being productive for a couple days. Our brains recharge, our spirits take a breath, and we’ll know how well we’ve Sabbathed when we reach Monday. A long, deep inhale of grace will find us ready for a new week.

No guilt. Claim your Sabbath this weekend. It’s his design and he knows your need. Close the door on the work week, open the window to fresh air and the weekend.  Make room for a little solitude and silence to speak and listen to the one Voice that began before the dawn of time and carries on into eternity.

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Enjoy your Sabbath, truly.




  1. Silence and rest. That sounds wonderful after a long week! I wrote about time and slowing down on my blog the other day, too. So needed, but we rarely make the time for it. But you can’t hear God if you’re so busy and it’s so noisy. “Make room for a little solitude and silence to speak and listen to the one Voice that began before the dawn of time and carries on into eternity.” Amen!

    Christy @ A Heartening Life

  2. You sure have a way with words! I was sitting here thinking of all the things I SHOULD DO but now will take time for quiet time. God bless your day!

  3. “Stay there long enough for our shy selves to surface.” I have a hard time staying. I’ll remember your words as I embrace my Sabbath.

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