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Double Chocolate Pie

Posted on Mar 24, 2014 by in Recipes | 1 comment

IMG_5634Yesterday, some of my family came to visit.

I love to host, but family is my favorite kind of hosting. Because when Benjamin took occupation of our guest bath for a good part of the afternoon, and they had to use our second bathroom off our bedroom, the bottom priority for cleaning because it is shut off?  Well, I didn’t mind quite so much that they saw our messy bedroom and cluttered bathroom. Because I already know they love me.

In honor of their visit and in the spirit of Creative Saturday, I made a pie.  This pie is a little piece of culinary art.  I mean, you could think of it as just a pie, I suppose.

But there is this beautiful moment in the making when the grayish white, milky liquid transforms magically into this thick, lovely, velvety chocolate pudding. That pudding is a little piece of heaven. It’s not as sugary or heavy as fudge, has the perfect amount of chocolate flavor, and the texture is everything chocolate pie should be.

Then after you pour it into the waiting pie shell, you must stand around in your kitchen and lick the spoons. Or, if you have three waiting children, you had out spoon, whisk, and rubber spatula and shoo them out to the backyard.

Most recipes I share on here have my small alterations, but I make this one exactly according to the original, so I will link to it.  Let me know if you try it.

Double Chocolate Pie Recipe

Day One

Day Two: The Soft Spot

Day Three: The Creative Spirit


1 Comment

  1. Yum! What a beautiful example of hospitality and generosity. Just letting ourselves be open to the presence of others – messy bathrooms and chocolate pie included 🙂 Love this.

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