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Monday Momentum

Posted on Apr 28, 2014 by in Faith, Family | 2 comments


Isaac’s living room job is to straighten the pillows. He takes it seriously.

Recently, I deleted the facebook app off my smart/symbiotic iphone, and downloaded the Kindle app.Brilliant, my friends.

So much more reading, so much less wasted time.  (So much more housework done!  Apparently, scrolling facebook is the most popular activity for avoiding your least favorite tasks.  Laundry?  Oh, I’ll just check fb first.  Dishes?  Oh, I needed to send a message to… well, someone, surely.)

In short?  Cleaner house, more books read.  Win-win.IMG_6004

In the clearer mind that comes from less facebook, I also started family meetings/devotions with the kids.  I mean, they’re cute 90% of the time, but especially when they’re sitting in little chairs next to each other with their matching big brown eyes, hands in lap, listening.  Our topics range from Jesus, hand-washing, chores, and how to not be annoying.  There might be a cheesy little hands-in-the-middle circle-up moment at the end that they love.  Team Haupt!  It’s so cheesy, but so ridiculously effective, too.IMG_6007

Connection, love, a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves.  What we all need, really.  To know we are a part of something, supported by others, not alone, not isolated. To be seen for who we are, our progress in life monitored, recognized.  For this, we do “the marble jar.”  Marbles dropped in for small successes: a door held open without being asked, one child’s tidy room, every step toward eliminating a bad habit (and becoming less annoying).IMG_6005

The first day I determined to do these family meetings, I was fired up that morning.  Planned it out (ish). The truth is, I’ve feel like we are way behind on starting these family meetings. But that feeling smells suspiciously of shame, which doesn’t help me move one iota toward my most heart-felt goals. So, I trashed that thought for this one: Today is the perfect time to start.   By evening, though, the fire was gone (this happens to me a lot).  Puffed out by the day’s demands.

But we did it anyway.  And in the chaos that comes with a family of six and so many small ones with so many needs, it was a little oasis of order, that first family meeting.

Even small steps toward the goals that matter most to us are epic.  Because it’s what we do every day, not once in a while, that makes the biggest impact.  Today, we take the rest and recreation energy of the weekend (hopefully!) and funnel it into some Monday Momentum, to sail us into our week in full swing. IMG_6013

What will you today?


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  1. Love love this post. Seriously. I love learning about motherhood through you. And we totally did the marbles when I was growing up.

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