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Why I Blog

Posted on May 16, 2014 by in Faith, Family | 0 comments

IMG_6206This is why:

In this world, somehow, an ordinary life has become synonymous with a meaningless life. So often we are missing what is truly important because we’re on the quest for what is extraordinary, not understanding that, in our ordinary lives, in the ordinary moments of our lives, is really where we can find the most joy.    -Brene Brown, The Price of Invulnerability

Hospitality, especially in our frantic, stressed out culture, is less about the food we serve or the party we throw, and more about the space we make—in our schedules, in our homes, in our openness to stop the pace of our day and listen to the needs of the friend in front of us, in our willingness to be vulnerable with one another.

The space we make for each other in our ordinary days is not quantifiable. It will not get us promoted. It will not get our books written. It will not be documented and tagged on Pinterest. It will not earn us more likes on Facebook. But it is the hardest work we do. To show another person that there is time available, here, right now. To show another person that he or she is worth your willingness to sit together and accomplish nothing.

We are invited into the Spacious Ordinary, where nothing and all the most important Everythings happen.  -Micha Boyett

Today I celebrate my ordinary family.

To Abby:IMG_5982

Thank you for the art you make. With your hands, with your heart, with paint and words and color and hugs and help. Sometimes, being with you is so much like looking in a mirror. But you are not me, you are wonderfully, uniquely you and I love you just the way you are.

To Ben:

Thank you for your fierce kind of love and your courage. Your courage to build and craft and run and jump and play and be loud. You know how to loudly be you unashamed in a way your father and I have not yIMG_6193et learned.  May you ever teach all of us with your life.

To Isaac:

Thank you for your laugh, that one that makes everyone in a 20 foot radius smile no matter what is going on in their life.  Thank you for your expressive face in which I see the reflection of every emotion in the human experience. You are effortlessly vulnerable and it reminds me to embrace emotions, look them in the face, and choose life with all its sharp edges over escape and numbing.

To Susanna:

Thank you for the gift of you. When we weren’t looking for you, you came. Thank you for that one big, beaming, beautiful smile that you resIMG_6233erve only for me, that reminds me why I am here in this house day in and day out, when I could be somewhere else.  We will be best friends one day.

To Tim:

When I doubt myself the most, when it’s hard to believe in God’s love, you are the most solid evidence that He really loves me, as I am.IMG_6218IMG_6139IMG_6135

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