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All the Feelings

Posted on Jun 5, 2014 by in Faith, Family | 0 comments

Veggie Tales wisdom:

A thankful heart is a happy heart,

I’m glad for what I have

That’s an easy way to start.

-Madame Blueberry


Thankful for:
rainy day relief from the 90 degree sun

church friends who watch my younger kiddos so I can go to Panera alone for some blissful me time

Susanna’s radiant smile for me when I returned home refreshed

books that make me wiser than I am

Jesus in the book of Mark and how he felt all the feelings, so I know he sympathizes with me, too

people who serve others with excellence

good customer service

the way tears wash out a wound

our marriage and all that we are learning about each other and how it really is getting better with time

books that let me escape into someone else’s story for awhile

the way our kids play with each other and care for each other

how when I tell Isaac to please go play in his room, he says, “There’s no Ben in there.”  And that explains it all.

my writing desk

my hibiscus plant and it’s yellow and red bloomsIMG_6363

My friend Walker Moore’s new book, and that he sent me a copy with a written reminder on the inside, “You are a my Father’s favorite daughter… and you matter to me, too.”

my parents celebrating 41 years of marriage this week

how Tim makes me go shopping for clothes when I don’t want to, because he loves me and wants to celebrate my birthday

good food, eaten slowly and savored

iced green tea, with raspberry flavoring


Thank you Lord, for every small gift and beauty graciously given that makes my life good and my heart glad.





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