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Posted on Jul 17, 2014 by in Neither Here Nor There | 2 comments

For my 31st birthday, my birthday present to myself was to try out Stitchfix, an online styling service.  It’s not for everyone, but it might be for you, so if you are interested, read on.

First of all, I don’t like shopping.  It’s exhausting and I frequently come home with odd pieces. Secondly, I rarely get time to shop.  Thirdly, if I do have the luxury of free time, I don’t want to spend it shopping.  But the catch is, I do like to have new clothes, fun clothes, cute clothes.  I love the feeling of wearing something beautiful, comfortable, stylish. I just don’t enjoy going through the process to get them.

When you sign up for Stitchfix, you fill out an online guide to your fashion preferences. After four pregnancies and the constant wardrobe changes that result from the various phases, I hardly even knew what I liked anymore.  I felt out of touch with the current fashions and out of touch with my own preferences.  Just taking the time to fill out the survey felt like a way of getting back in touch with myself.  You let them know preferences, problem areas, price range, how often you need dressy, casual, etc. I specified in my information that I had little interest in accessories because you only receive five pieces in a box and I wanted mostly clothing.

Now let’s talk about price.  This is the major deterrent for most people, including myself.  I had toyed with trying Stitchfix for quite some time, but the price of the items looked to be more than I usually pay and so I held off. But in the end, for me, I think it will save money AND help me update and streamline my wardrobe.

Here’s why.

Since I don’t love shopping and have little time for it, I usually shop in a rush and resign myself to sales racks, Old Navy online, or impulse buys from Target.  Those aren’t bad things, but when your wardrobe becomes a mishmash of inexpensive items, I find three things result:

1. I have a million items but nothing to wear.

2. The pieces don’t last much beyond one season because they are poorly made (hence the price).

3. I got what I paid for–items that aren’t very flattering and while I have something new, I don’t feel that great in it.


maxi skirt with white tank top I already owned.


boyfriend jeans and fuscia patterned top, both from Stitchfix.


Honeycomb necklace pictured here was the only accessory they sent me because I wanted mostly clothes.

The way Stitchfix works, you pay a 20$ styling fee for the stylist to peruse your profile and choose your items.  On the happy, happy day you get your box in the mail, you try on every piece in the comfort of your home with the clothes you already own to see what works.  If you keep ANYTHING in the box, the $20 styling fee goes toward the cost of that item.   If you keep everything in the box, which is what I did, you get a 25% discount off of the entire order.  Anything you don’t like, you mail back right away and everything is include in the box for you to put immediately in the mailbox.

So, here’s the beauty of it for your budget:

1. You can schedule when you will receive a box, or as they call it “a fix.”  So you can plan your budget accordingly.

2. You can refrain from your impulse sale rack/Target purchases in between boxes, knowing that you will be receiving cute new fashionable items in a month or so that are chosen just for you and your body type.  Those cheaper items won’t last anyway, so wait for your Stitchfix box.

Another top pictured on my Instagram feed.

3. Most likely, you will like at least one item in your box, so there is minimal risk you will lose the cost of your styling fee.  And maybe the pair of jeans you receive is more than you usually pay, but maybe they will become your new favorite jeans and you will wear them for the next five years and get happy use out of them which makes them way more economical than a cheaper pair that wears out and doesn’t fit quite right.

Other advantages:

For me, I want to streamline, downsize, and update my wardrobe.  I decided to keep all five items in my box and I am already enjoying them. No regrets.  However, I also challenged myself to go to my closet and remove five items that don’t fit well or are outdated. (ahem… there might a few maternity items still lurking in there.)  Five items out, five items in.  In this way, my closet will slowly become updated, but also streamlined. Fewer, more quality items.  It’s much easier to find something to wear that way.

Stretch your fashion sense.  Stitchfix asks you somewhere on your profile if you are willing to try new things. You can choose.  And then in the privacy of your home, you can try it on.  See what you think.

If you’ve read my post, Muffin Top, you already know that I believe we as women should love and accept our bodies right now.  Don’t wait to buy yourself new clothes until that far-off day when you lose ____ lbs.  This is faulty thinking.  Choose to clothe yourself NOW, today in what makes you feel good, and you’ll be in much better mental shape to pursue that weight loss goal than if you hide yourself in funeral black until you achieve the weight you desire.  You’re not in penance until you reach a certain weight; you are a woman worthy of love right now.  You deserve to wear color, softness, patterns, whatever makes you fashion happy right now, at whatever weight you find yourself. We aren’t numbers, we are women with Souls, and beautiful ones at that.  If you love and accept yourself right now, you’ll have more emotional energy to pursue greater health. And if that day comes sooner rather than later that you are needing to buy smaller sizes?  Happy day! I still don’t think you’ll be sorry you clothed yourself well when you weighed more.

Stitchfix isn’t for everyone.  If you love the mall, the stores, the thrill of the hunt, carry on shopping warrior! I salute you!

But if you are like me, check out this link. And if you do sign up and receive that happy aqua box in the mail, let me know!

Click HERE to get started.


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