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Three Words You Need Today

Posted on Sep 15, 2014 by in Faith | 0 comments

Never too late.


Those are the three words we all need to hear today.  It’s never too late:

  • to pursue changes for your life
  • to revive an old dream
  • to repair a relationship
  • to start something new
  • to be more gracious
  • to learn a new skill
  • to make a change for good
  • to finally ask for help
  • to reach out for support
  • to change your trajectory
  • to choose health over indulgence
  • to break old sin patterns.
  • to get rid of stuff that is stressing you out
  • to face what you are scared to face
  • to say words you are scared to say
  • to be brave

Our God is a God of redemption, and our gospel is a message of hope. Our gospel reminds us that God loved first, He loved us in our sins, and He is not giving up on us, ever.  Because He’s not human, He doesn’t get tired of our continual neediness. He’s so kind and so merciful and so compassionate that it made Jonah just plain angry.

He is a God who takes the bad things that happen to us, and fashions them into something good, a promise that sounds really sweet until it is the food you live on and then you are breathless with gratitude.

The enemy whispers, “It’s too late, too late, too late…” and what we do with that whisper matters eternally.  Will we reject the lie or believe it?  Even now, when we have listened before, it’s never too late to put our foot down on the serpents head in Christ’s name.

It’s never too late in God’s timing.

It will most likely look differently than you pictured, but it will surely be better than you imaged.

Today, don’t let the wind blow the leaves of hope off your tree. Stand firm and see even the failures as beautiful becoming.

August in Waterton, Alberta

Above me, wind does its best

to blow leaves off

the aspen tree a month too soon.

No use wind. All you succeed

in doing is making music, the noise

of failure growing beautiful.

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