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Six Reasons Why We Don’t Do the Things We Love

Posted on Oct 6, 2014 by in Neither Here Nor There | 0 comments

SixIMG_7331November 037 Reasons Why We Don’t Do the Things We Love

And how it limits our productivity

We live in a work-a-day world. If we are swept up in the currents of the time, we could possibly find ourselves too exhausted to enjoy the lives we’ve been given. Embracing a simpler life is not just about cutting out stress, it’s also about finding time to do the things that light us up inside. This is different for each of us. I know teachers, lawyers, and doctors just within my acquaintance who do their regular jobs with excellence, but in their spare time? They enjoy making art. The problem with art is that it doesn’t usually produce a paycheck, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t extremely valuable.

It may not be art. It may be extreme fitness, biking, sports, crafting, home renovation, decorating, baking, reading, shopping, antiquing, designing, fashion, acting, drawing, building, singing, playing an instrument, etc. It’s whatever makes you come alive and recharges your inner battery. Yet you never get around to it. Why is that?

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