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To See Them Again

Posted on Oct 6, 2014 by in Faith, Family | 0 comments

We have the best parents.

In the middle of the stress of home shopping/buying, both sets have given us overnight weekend care of our kiddos.

Each time I get that kind of lengthy parenting break, I seem to follow the same pattern. First, a giddy sense of freedom: I can watch what I want on TV!  I can eat in the living room instead of at the table!  I can choose NOT to cook a meal!  I can sit in silence and not answer toddler questions!

Then, a rush of things I want to get done–a list in my head that is about twice as long as there is time to get things done.

Then, I get one thing done off the list and choose to relax instead.

Then, I see something–a little girl’s hairstyle, or a toy I know Ben would love, or a text from one of the grandparents with a funny thing a child said.

And I miss them terribly, all at once, without warning.

Then they come home and I can’t figure out when Abby got so tall and beautiful and when Ben started walking around like he’s 16 instead of 5, or when Isaac lost some of that baby chub he always had in abundance.

I miss their smiles most: Abby’s lit-up eyes, Ben’s gap-tooth wide grin, Isaac’s squinty-eyed smile.

And that’s what I am so grateful for–the chance to miss them so I can see all that blinding beauty again.

Thank you Mom, Dad, Sandy, and Steve.  Love you.


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