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Choosing Thanks

Posted on Nov 25, 2014 by in Faith, Family | 0 comments

I’m not always grateful.

When the house is a huge mess and stress mounts and it’s time to go and Ben can’t find his shoes or his socks or anything, ever, and Isaac has an accident and Susanna has a poopy diaper and Abby has a meltdown because she’s supposed to be a pilgrim and wear dark colors and a skirt but it’s PE day and she’s supposed to wear pants and tennis shoes, and therefore she can’t do anything but cry. No one likes Mommy’s smoothies with the kale in them and Daddy drank all the orange juice and we’re out of bread for toast and no one remembers to clear their dishes from the table.

I’m not so very grateful then.

But.  Ben finds his shoes by himself and kisses Mommy goodbye. We put a skirt over Abby’s jeggings and the tears dry up.  Isaac and Susanna go into a bubble bath together to play and giggle and Mommy gets to drink a cup of coffee and remember to be thankful.

It’s a choice.

So here is my choice:

No on is sick. We finished our colds up just in time for Thanksgiving travel. The snot wave has receded.

I slept in until 7:00 this morning.

Friends came over yesterday to see our new house and celebrate with us.

Because friends came over, I cleaned up the house yesterday which I certainly would not have done without that motivation.

Susanna loves her adorable wooden peacock that I got her for her birthday.

When I was trying to find energy to go to WalMart last night, Abby told me, “Mommy, if you’re not succeeding, it’s just surviving.” When I asked her for an interpretation, she explained that if you aren’t finding success, at least you are still alive.

I thought I lost one of Susanna’s new silver birthday shoes inside WalMart, but when I arrived home, I found it in my purse.

During church, Ben leaned over and asked, “Mommy, can you draw one of your best Spidermans for me? It doesn’t have to be good.”

Isaac watched me put some roses into a vase and asked very seriously, “Is they going into a bath?”

Abby confessed over breakfast last week that she liked to eat all the brown pieces of Lucky Charms first and save the marshmallows for last. When I told her I did the same thing when I was little, she exclaimed IMG_2014 IMG_2027 IMG_2095, “Wow! Lucky Charms must be an old cereal if they had them when you were a kid!”

Even though my chipped tooth broke again, it revealed to me that I was putting undue pressure on my front teeth unconsciously, and now I can work to correct it before it does more damage.

Family to gather around the table: siblings and cousins and grandparents.

Happy Thanksgiving friends. May your hearts be grateful.






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