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First World Problems

Posted on Nov 16, 2014 by in Family | 1 comment


I know, I haven’t written. You haven’t missed much. Last week, I tried to drive off with the gas nozzle still in my car. Yes. Then I had to do the walk of shame to replace the nozzle and put my gas cap back on. I might have been a tad bit distracted with life.

Ah, life! So busy trying to return me to my blonde roots.

Tuesday morning I was eating a waffle, and one of my teeth chipped. But with my reaction, you’d think a little piece of my soul chipped off. Total overreaction. I hate dental visits and must have at least a week to freak out about them. Unplanned visits = unacceptable. Thank goodness for lunch with a friend that day to take my mind off of it. In the end, the tooth was easily fixed in 15 minutes.   First world problems, Ashley.

I get by with a little help from my friends.

We moved yesterday. No biggie, except it was. In nine years of marriage, we’ve lived in two apartments, one fifty year old parsonage, and a rental house. But, if shopping for a house is like dating, then buying a house is like marriage with a mortgage and I am in love. This is the first house that’s ours.

After minimizing, this was truly our easiest move yet, although “easy” should never be used in the same sentence as moving. It felt like our new house reached out and embraced us, warm and comforting, clean and move-in ready.

We are grateful.

It’s easy to be breezy now, but I was a hot mess earlier in the week when the bank changed our closing date for the third time. Apparently, they aren’t very concerned with actual dates that require actual planning and scheduling and childcare?  It was a roller coaster week that ended with the home owners agreeing to let us move in early rent free. We still haven’t closed; apparently, they will let us know one day.

I pray we’ll use this home for hospitality. I pray we’ll use it as a haven for ourselves. I pray we’ll use it for the glory of God and the nourishment of others.

I pray we won’t spill anything on the carpet or hardwood floors because my husband will lose his ever-loving mind if we do.


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  1. Wonderful!!! I laughed at the thought of spilling anything on your new floors!! By the way, My David would freak out too. I think men usually do because they are “fixers”, and a Kool Aid stain on the carpet or scratch on the wood floor is pretty much un-fixable. Enjoy your house with all the noises, neighbors, new unplanned scratches and stains. And at the end of the day, there is nothing like the smell and feeling of home.

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