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Ode to Tuesday

Posted on Nov 18, 2014 by in Faith | 1 comment

Tuesday, you reveal our true mettle.IMG_1903

We’d all like to be defined by our Friday moments, but you show us for our true selves, leftovers for lunch and all.

Tuesdays are overlooked, undervalued, unsexy.

This is the everyday. This is the ordinary, the place where we build our lives, block by block.

We take steps forward, upward, onward on Tuesdays. Baby steps that no one sees, no one applauds.

“I am convinced that we have drifted from the true focus of God’s activity in this world. It is not to be found in the extraordinary, but in the ordinary, the everyday. The problem is not that we are too active, but IMG_1904that we are recklessly frenetic. We have grown accustomed to running sprints instead of training for the long-distance marathon. . . Real growth, the cultivation of excellence, doesn’t work like that. The key is a loving, patient, attentive care to the things that really matter–things that we’re likely to ignore in our overachieving rush to relevance and radical impact. Excellence means that whether God calls me to serve the poor in Calcutta or diners in a French restaurant, the simple fact that it is God’s calling renders it precious. ‘So… whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.’ (1 Cor 10:31)” -Michael Horton, Ordinary

Tuesday we practice the excellence we hope to achieve.  But we also recognize that Tuesday gives us work, and if we’re going to do the work anyway, we might as well make it fun. IMG_1900

Share it with someone else. Celebrate progress.

Take a bubble bath on Tuesday night just to remind yourself that you are rocking this crazy life.

And, make your bed today. Everything goes better when you make your bed.

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  1. Well, now that after 54 years we are totally childless,,,in our big 4 bedroom home, Tuesday is just the same as Monday, Wednesday…….

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