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All I Want For Christmas

Posted on Dec 10, 2014 by in Faith, Family | 1 comment

Lately, I am thinking that maybe we need gratitude more in December than November.


Waving at the neighbors, desperately trying to get their attention.


Enjoying one of the warm days with the window open.

Or maybe it’s just me.

December can be a month-long case of “The Gimmies” as Papa Bear would call it.  The more we consider what we’d like for Christmas, the more we shop and look, the more we think we need or want.  I took Isaac with me to go Christmas shopping and I could hardly think because he hung over the side of the cart in Target saying, “Mommy I want that! Mommy, look at that!  Mommy, can I get something?”  To all the grumpy-faced people I passed in Target, I’d just like to say, “This isn’t my ideal situation, either.”

We amp up the gratitude to help foster contentment.

Last week, Abby and Ben’s school sent home a notice that you could send your child a Christmas card or letter for them to receive at school. I intended to do it, but it kept going to the bottom of the to-do list until I found myself home last Wednesday night instead of teaching discipleship with an upset stomach and fussy baby.  I sat down and made two quick cards, addressed them, and stuck them in the mailbox.

Monday, our family gathered around the dinner table and went around to say what we were grateful for that day.  Both of the kids had gotten their cards from me.  Ben told about receiving his card in kindergarten: “When I saw that card for me, my heart filled with joy.”   He went on to tell me he was one of the only ones in the class to receive a card.  IMG_2488

I was shocked, but not for the reason you might think.  I was shocked because I so easily could have missed that little chance.  Because I almost did miss that chance. Because the season can get so crowded and loud, there isn’t time to sit down and write a little note to my kids.  And because it really did mean so much to him.

That’s my Merry Little Christmas moment because it’s those little moments that make it for me.  I don’t spend a lot of money on my kids at Christmas, and they get far more gifts from their extended family. But, I get to be here and now to do this thing called mothering in the way that works for me. Most days it completely wears me out, emotionally and physically. But this is how I get to spend my one life and I want to be worn out doing what I love.

So, here are my Merry Little Christmas gifts. I, too, can get a bad case of The Gimmies, but what I already possess is all I really need, and do not deserve.


  • Isaac deciding to be Iron Man for the day and referring to me all day as “Popper Pots,” ie: “Popper Potts, can you pease get me a dwink? I’m firsty.” (in case you are not familiar with super-hero minutia, Pepper Potts is Iron Man’s secretary
  • Abby’s nativity painting on our fridge.
  • Teaching her to wrap her own presents.
  • Asking Ben to pass the croutons last night and he says, “Sure, pretty thing. Here you go.”IMG_2477
  • How Ben told me he didn’t have any friends that were girls and he didn’t see why he needed any, except Abby, who in his opinion is the prettiest girl in the world.
  • Susanna’s kissing game in the car: While I am driving she starts making a kissing noise with her lips and I mimic it. We speak in kisses and smiles on repeat until we arrive at our destination.
  • long morning phone call with my Dad
  • lunch sushi date with Tim to reconnect over all the little things that make up our life together
  • Brenda babysitting so I can spend a morning with coffee cup in hand, ordering Christmas presents online
  • friendly cashiersIMG_2483
  • hot vegetable beef stew in the crockpot
  • Isaac and Ben telling me I am the best toffee-maker in the world, therefore I should be on a show.
  • That moment when Tim and I went in together to get Susanna from her crib and when we didn’t pick her up immediately because we were talking to her, she hung her head and burst into emotional tears.-


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