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Just Thanks

Posted on Jan 28, 2015 by in Faith, Family | 0 comments

IMG_3122 Dear God,

Every good and perfect gift is from you.  So, thanks.

Thanks for the sunshine this week and the reprieve from last winter’s brutal snowpocalypse.  Thank you that the frequency of sickness in our home has been cut at least in half.  Thank you for Isaac’s golden hair glinting in the sun while he frolicked in the front driveway fighting bushes and imaginary foes.   Thank you for books and mornings and coffee and tea and a husband beside me on the couch.

Thank you for how I have changed on the inside last year, and how far I still have to go.  Thank you for these golden days when I look around astonished and grateful and also for the many, many hard days that pass between the golden ones. IMG_3170

Thank you for the multitude of reminders that perfection is not the goal, but an idol that gets in the way of true beauty.  Thank you for our house and our gracious neighbors who don’t mind that Isaac investigates their bird feeders every time he tromps past.

Thank you for kids who remind me to pray when I’m so hungry.   Thank you for friends and vulnerability and the privilege of being me unfiltered.  Thank you for 31 years and that I don’t actually have to go backwards.

Thank you for the ways the kids are becoming independent and the ways they still need me.  Thank you for the way Landslide by Fleetwood Mac means something different every time I hear it and how the seasons last just as long as you choose.

Thank you for my husband and how he weathers the changes of my tides.  Thank you for how love can bloom even in the driest of times when we water it.



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