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Blue Ribbon

Posted on May 15, 2015 by in Art | 0 comments

Abby wrote this poem during indoor recess. Not an assignment, no guidelines. Her teacher happened upon it and entered it in a contest, where it won first prize for free verse poetry. Yesterday, her teacher told me she takes no credit in teaching Abby to write like this; the gift is there inside the girl.

Yes, me too.  Tim and I were babies having babies and we’re growing up alongside them and feel unworthy to parent even as we must do it.  Here is Abby’s blue ribbon poem.   P.S.  She doesn’t ride the bus.

The Misty Ride

by Abby Haupt


Hurry, Hurry!

cries bus driver Murry.

It’s cold outside today!

So we all got on the bus without

any delay.

Misty roads

and twisty snows

hurdling out at each other.

Winds blow

so slow

as we get fond  of the


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