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Calling on Writers and Poets

Posted on Aug 1, 2015 by in Art | 0 comments

Hello friends.

I’m happily buried under lesson plans right now, busily trying to get ready for the start of school and the task of teaching 10th, 11th, and 12th graders various kinds of historical literature.  But before we dive into Colonial life and historical documents, we are getting to know one another.

Ergo, the Where I’m From poem.  I believe I have done this one before on my blog. It’s such an easy, fun writing exercise that has you leafing through the pages of your childhood to see what you find usable.

While I have the original poem, which is lovely, and my own version, shared below, I’d love to have some more examples.  If any creative, brave friends/blog readers would be willing to share just a scratch-paper bit of your own soul, please email your Where I’m From poem to  Everyone’s childhood is different and it’s so very helpful to have multiple examples to share.  Plus, the only people who will see your poem are teenagers who (most likely) do not know you.

So, if you’re feeling writerly today, give this little poem a try. Then send me the results!

P.S. There are no wrong answers and no red pens. 🙂

Where I’m From

By Ashley Haupt

I am from curly pig-tailed

Telephones mounted to walls

With rotary dials spinning

Conversations into orbit,

And memorizing my best friend’s number, 573-3698.

I’m from slip n slide summers

Of slippery fish caught in the neighbor’s pond,

Two houses down the highway.

I’m from Lisa Frank school supplies,

and reading my big sister’s

Babysitters Club books as she finished them.

I’m from pizza on pay day and

renting movies from Gerbes on Friday night.

I am from the whirr of rewind and the shhhh of tv static,

Atari joysticks much used and conquering the coveted secrets

of Mario and Luigi.

I’m from Bible School and swim lessons

Colliding on the same week ,

Drowning in the sea of Galilee with Peter,

As I learned to swim underwater.

I’m from homemade chocolate chip cookies and salmon patties,

Chicken and dumplings and corned beef and noodles.

I’m from tree-climbing and woods walking,

Snow sledding and gooseberry picking,

I am youngest chip off oldest block,

Having only fallen a hop, skip, and a jump

Away from the apple tree.

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