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Seasons of Change

Posted on Sep 4, 2015 by in Faith, Family | 0 comments


I cried all the way to work. The harder I tried to suppress the tears, the more stubbornly they forged salty rivers down my cheeks. I missed my kids.

Also, I missed the comfort zone of my old life. I was one week into my return to the work force after eight years at home birthing, nursing, cuddling, and raising babies. The transition was going well, but the stress of the change was catching up to me, and I couldn’t outrun it anymore.

If it wasn’t for my not-so-waterproof mascara, I would have let the tears flow. I’ve learned not to suppress and repress the emotions that come with major life changes. Forging onward seems brave, but sometimes giving in to the tenderest part of you is braver still. Acknowledging the hurt helps you move on.

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