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Things I Love Right Now

Posted on Jan 25, 2016 by in Faith, Family | 0 comments

  1. How Susanna thinks milk is called “milk-please,” ie: “Mommy, you get me some milk-please?” and “Mommy? You got my milk-please?”
  2. How she calls Dora “Da-Da-Dora” because I tried to get her to pronounce the first letter one time.  And how she yells out all the Spanish words at the tv when Dora prompts her to. ABAJO!  (She watches Dora with such unblinking intensity that her eyes water.)
  3. Isaac has had some severe ezcema, which I don’t love, but his itchy, bumpy skin has provoked such sympathy in Ben that he voluntarily rubs Isaac’s back and belly at bedtime.
  4. That our pickiest eater Benjamin is making progress. After much fighting, around the time he was four or five, we gave up fighting and instead just insisted he take ONE BITE of whatever we were having. If he wanted something else after the one bite, he made it himself. He ate many a pb sandwich. However, all those one bites are paying off.  This last week, he ate every drop of vegetable beef stew from his bowl (this meal used to be one of his least favorites) and today he ate an entire bowl of wild-rice chicken soup with lots of carrots, celery and onion in it.  To parents of picky eaters, DON’T GIVE UP! Keep insisting on one bite. Somehow, miraculously, I think it does develop those taste buds a little bit at a time.
  5. Our wooden butcher-paper roll dispenser from IKEA, a Christmas present from my brother’s family.  So easy to get big pieces of paper out for all the kids for drawing and painting.
  6. Holy Yoga at The Studio in Nixa. As soon as I tried regular yoga, I noticed how it lends itself to communing with God in prayer and meditation.  Every session of yoga had some element of prayer and supplication for me. When The Studio began offering Holy Yoga on Wednesdays and Sundays, I was thrilled! It seemed like such a natural combination. Prayer, Scripture, and worship music are all incorporated and Shelby Ragsdale does an awesome job leading in a loving, gracious way.  I also still love the regular yoga too with Cady. Either one is a WIN-WIN.
  7. Leaves on a Stream meditation on YouTube. Some people may think this is weird, but this little mindfulness exercise helps me SO MUCH at night when I am trying to go to sleep and anxious thoughts start flying.  I know that some would argue that prayer would be better, but sometimes my anxious thoughts cannot even form into cohesive prayers. This exercise could easily be converted into prayer. But either way, I find it really helpful to fall asleep and calm racing thoughts.  Also, I have found you get better at it after several tries.  I have linked this to it in You Tube.
  8.  Dry shampoo. I know, this is so five years ago, but I am late to the party. I picked up this brand in a sample size at Sephora, but by the time it was gone, I had to buy a regular sized one from Amazon.  It’s awesome for extra volume and second-day hair.
  9. In the Heart of the Sea by Nathaniel Philbrick.  Ok, I think “love” may be too strong of a word for this book.  The truth is, I just don’t have much time to read these days and this is all I have read recently.  (Other than Maze Runner and Beowulf with my classes)  I didn’t LOVE this book; I liked it.  The true survival story of how the ship Essex was sunk by a sperm whale and cast adrift in the ocean is absolutely fascinating. I thought the writer of this book bogged down an incredible tale with too much rabbit-chasing research trails.  He included everything from similar accounts of other shipwrecks to reports on islands in the area of the drifting whaleboats. For me, it was too verbose and bulged with unneccessary scraps of research.  I think an editor dropped the ball to make that into a beautifully sleek, sobering account.  Warning:  cannibalism inside.  Very disturbing stuff, if you can make it past 200 pages of the history of Nantucket.
  10. My husband’s series in Revelation.  Tim has been teaching on Revelation for several weeks now; we are in chapter 4.  It’s so rich with symbolism and sovereignty and divinity that you feel as though you were in throne room by the end of the worship service.  If you are interested, the sermons are all available online.

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