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All the Little Pieces

Posted on Jul 28, 2016 by in Family | 1 comment

When I started this blog, it was with an aim to celebrate the ordinary moments that make family life golden.  The title “Little Pieces of Ordinary” meant examining the tiny pieces that make up the beauty of the mosaic.  Anyone who has a family knows about the annoying moments, which are legion, but I wanted to focus on the sacredly funny and sweet moments, and I found that doing so made me happy and grateful.

Our kids are growing up.  I remember a time, not too long ago, when Tim and I felt a little drowned in diapers and wipes and messy bums, and I suggested to him that we might enjoy parenting a little more when the kids got older. I mean, it sort of feels so wrong to say that, because HOW CUTE ARE LITTLES?, but at the same time, it is proving to be true.  Playing board games and card games besides Candyland, reading books together, introducing them to Harry Potter and Madeleigne L’ Engle, and C.S. Lewis and watching them develop a sense of humor.  I love it.

I also love all the following recent “pieces.”

  • I wet my thumb and reach over to wipe a breakfast stain off Susanna’s chin and she proceeds to do the same to my chin.
  • How she suddenly becomes aware of a picture on our baker’s rack from last summer in Disneyland and tells anyone who will listen that she has NO PANTS in that picture!  (She was wearing a onesie jumper)
  • How she romps into my room and says, “Hi pretty Mommy!” (because I usually call her “pretty girl”)
  • How she slams the door on Abby in the public restroom stall with the firm declaration, “I’m donna give you some privacy, Abby” in thick toddler accent.
  • How Isaac asks me every single day how many days of summer we have left.
  • How he has hit some kind of learning explosion and wants to know how to spell this and how to write that and please, could I give him another page of math problems?  And our house is a paper trail of learning with heavy penciled phrases like “Tim  best buddy   I love YELHSA”  (Ashley backwards)
  • How he says, “I don’t know why I am such a fan of drawing on papers.” and I reply, “Yeah, but what’s wrong with that?” and he says, “Because our house is getting filled with papers, and I don’t like it!”  (Just two days ago, I had been aggravated over the plethora of pages that CANNOT BE THROWN AWAY, MOMMY.  But he’s learning and learning is messy and requires a lot of untidy practice and so I choose to love it.)
  • How Ben remakes his Legoes and Zoob bugs into every kind of possible entertainment every day of the summer and how he effortlessly helps Abby when she hits a Lego snag that would have taken me half an hour and a headache to figure out alone.
  • How Ben finds a Lego piece stuck to his leg and exclaims, “Goshy Golly, look at that!”
  • How he scampers out to play with the boy next door and emerges two hours later with half a geode and a big smile.
  • How we are now able to look back and laugh with him at his seasons of obsessions:school buses, Toy Story, Spiderman, Ninja Turtles, dinosaurs, volcanoes, and currently, playing SPY.
  • How Abby has taken on the role of big sister with heartfelt gusto, and wakes Susanna each morning for a cuddle and cartoons.
  • How I can see her developing a healthy self-image, understanding who she is, what she loves, and what she doesn’t care for, and it makes me so happy.

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  1. Ashley, I love how you paint a colourful picture of your family tableau. It reminds me to do the same in my seemingly small mosaic.

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