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Miss Bossy-Pants

Posted on Nov 5, 2016 by in Family | 0 comments

She starts as soon as she gets up.

First she picks out her own (seasonally inappropriate) outfit to wear, then she picks out her brothers’ clothes down to the underwear.  This is unappreciated and she comes to me pouting, “Isaac don’t want to wear dese clothes I got.”

From her bath, she yells out into the hallway that she doesn’t want toast with her eggs and orders us to “put the bed (bread) away from my pate!”  When this request goes unacknowledged, she throws aforementioned piece of bread across the table upon inspection.

Into the car, and she wants to sit in her brother’s booster seat instead of her car seat.

She finds a grocery list in my purse and presents it like a warrant to Abby and says, “This paper says, ‘Abby, stop doing that!'”

She tells me which way to drive out the driveway, what to buy at the store, what color of cup/bowl/plate she wants, and she never takes no for an answer well.

We ignore 95% of her requests, demands, and fits and still she persists.

This girl is a bossy-pants for life.

And we love her.


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