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Art-Inspired Poetry: Son of Man

Posted on May 8, 2017 by in Art | 1 comment

My students are writing art-inspired poetry this week. This is my attempt to model it for them.  The painting is “Son of Man” by Rene Magritte.  I entitled my poem the same name.


Son of Man

By Ashley Haupt


The apple looked ripe with crisp delight,

And so the man took a sinful bite.

He knew it was forbidden.

At that moment, heaven roared,

Scales fell, shame soared.

God came down, but man had hidden.


A veil had dropped before his sight,

He never again would see that light

As clearly as he had done before.

Now when Son of Man does speak

Always the apple’s sins do leak,

Out of his very core.


For that bite he dearly paid,

A hole in his soul was made,

A bite out of his future kin.

He would not dwell in Eden more

God gave him clothes but shut the door,

Until the day He would conquer sin.

1 Comment

  1. Great poem
    Fits do well
    You have set a high bar

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