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Chasing Down Grateful

Posted on May 4, 2017 by in Faith, Family, School/Teaching | 0 comments

It’s that time of year.

Students are grumpy and unmotivated. Teachers are tired of students’ annoying behaviors that have been going on all.year.long.

Last week, I had spent some time planning a class activity I thought the students would enjoy. Tim helped me think through it. As we discussed it later and the lack of enthusiasm, he said, “Man, I really thought they would like that! I would have liked that in school.”

I told him, “They don’t like anything right now. It doesn’t matter what it is.”

I am as guilty of being pulled into the negativity as anyone else.  It hangs in the air of school buildings like asbestos at this time of year. So, I told myself that this week, I would intentionally pursue gratitude. I didn’t realize quite how much it would be tested.

Right now, I am grateful for Teacher Appreciation Week.  Food is my love language, so that’s awesome.

I am grateful for the students who geek out over books and writing as much as I do. They make teaching fun.

I am grateful for my colleagues who listen to me,  support me, and make me laugh.

I’m grateful for a principal who has a sense of humor and doesn’t mind me popping into his office sporadically with random news.

I am grateful for my husband who loves me more than I deserve, and allows me to regale him with the plot of whatever I am currently reading.

I am grateful for my church who loves and worships Christ with enthusiasm.

I’m grateful for my friends who put up with me disappearing into stress for patches, then reappearing again wanting coffee and dinners together.

I’m grateful for my parents who still love and support me, even as I am approaching my middle 30’s.

I’m grateful for my brother and sister, who both take initiative to call me and update me on their lives, even though we are all busy.  I’m grateful for the feeling of pride I have when I hear the work they are doing in their own circles of the world.

I’m grateful for so many rainy days because it makes it easier to teach English than when the sun beckons from outside.  Also, it waters my roses.

I’m grateful for my 8th period class because they do their work, but they also sit and talk with me like adults and we laugh and share life and it’s pretty magical.  Not every day, but enough that it’s life-giving.

I’m grateful for my 3rd period class. Even though they are incredibly loud and unruly, they teach me a different perspective on life, and I wouldn’t see it without them.

I’m grateful for that one student who most teachers dread, and the unlikely bond we formed, and how we would have never come together except through this strange animal called public school. And we don’t yet know how we’ve impacted each other, but we will remember, I think.

I’m grateful there are only 12 days of school left. 😉


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