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An Open Letter to You on My Birthday

Posted on Jun 7, 2017 by in Faith, Family | 5 comments

Sometimes in life it feels like we are all running frantically on hamster wheels, lined up in a row, shouting hey to each other occasionally, or stopping for a few seconds of weekend, then back up and going, going, going.

It’s easy to stay on our self-contained hamster-wheel-lives, but when someone steps off their wheel to touch my life, that connection sparks light, love, and grace in me.

As I turn 34 today, I am so very grateful for all the light-filled connections in my life.  I’m so grateful for you who are reading this.

You who:

  • take time to write Happy Birthday on my timeline even though I may not have done it for you
  • comment on my blog to let me know I see you
  • write me a hand-written card of sympathy for my loss
  • cook me a meal at the end of a long, tired school year
  • make me laugh with the meme you post
  • give me a hug every Sunday at church
  • sent flowers to my grandpa’s funeral
  • seek me out when I’m not present to say you missed me
  • tag me in something you think I might like to see
  • tell me that you enjoyed my children in some way
  • text me to tell me you are thinking of me when my grandpa dies
  • understand my forgetfulness and forgive it
  • recognize my humanity and do not hold me to impossible standards
  • understand that I often feel pulled between mom, wife, teacher, friend, etc, and don’t take offense when I am busy or distracted
  • share your faith in public, inspiring me to have courage, too
  • do your job with excellence, spurring me to do mine better, too
  • empathize with me when I am running late on a Sunday
  • check in with me personally before getting offended to clear the air and resolve the conflict
  • don’t take offense at me when our opinions are different, but still respect me and allow me to be me
  • take me out for a girl’s night in the middle of a horrible week (you know who you are)
  • overlooked my sharpness when I was having a bad day.
  • loved me in spite of all my flaws, quirks, weaknesses, and short-comings

Today I am so grateful for you, Reader. Because you are grace to me.  And grace is undeserved blessing.



  1. This was so beautiful. Thank you.

  2. I always love your blogs and they are an inspiration to me. They keep me in touch when I can”t be in church.

  3. You are blessed with the amazing gift of words! I admire that!! And Happy Birthday again!😊😊🌺

  4. Amen 🙂

  5. I always enjoy your blogs and now, Abby’s, too. Thanks for sharing.

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