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This is Our Great Love Story

Posted on Sep 18, 2017 by in Family | 1 comment

Tim and I have reached the age where a browse through Facebook might mean updating each other on whose is the latest marriage to dissolve.   I don’t say that to shame anyone, but it’s simply true that in our mid-thirties, we begin to see the marriages collapse around us.

I think on this as I am vacuuming bird seed from the carpet in our living room before Tim gets home from church on a Sunday night.  I’m listening to Country love songs from the ’90’s because weirdly, that is my cleaning jam.  All these love songs, they get me thinking about my husband, and all the marriages in our sphere.

The thing is, we all want that great love story. We all want to be pursued. We all want to be thought beautiful or strong or handsome or good-looking or desirable. Every one of us wants that on a deep level.  We need to know that we are wanted.  We want to play the lead in our own great love story.

And we do!  Until the years go by and it’s hard to feel that again. It’s hard to feel desirable when you’re vacuuming in your yoga pants on a Sunday night. It’s hard to feel pursued when you haven’t had a date in about a month and you’re text message thread is all logistics.

But.  This is our great love story.  I’m not vacuuming because I just wanted to do it. I’m not vacuuming because I am afraid Tim will be angry if I don’t.  I’m vacuuming because I know that if the floor is clean, he will be able to relax when he gets home, and he needs that.

This is our great love story because we pray to see one another with new eyes. We look again and instead of the weary dad-pastor or the unglamorous teacher-mom, we see that person who we once sought to woo with all our heart.  We see that amazing love who first captured our attention and made our hearts beat wildly.  We remember the heady, too-good-to-be-true feeling when we were able to claim that person’s affection. He’s mine. She’s mine.

This is our great love story, Timothy Mark, because even though there are four children and two careers between us demanding time and attention and energy, I choose you first.  You are most important to me.  You are my greatest champion, my shoulder to cry on, my mirror to show me I’m still beautiful to you.

And this great love story?  Is my favorite one.



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  1. Y’all are so cute! Love your family.

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