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To the Wednesday-Weary Teacher

Posted on Oct 12, 2017 by in School/Teaching | 0 comments

It’s Wednesday. This means that you are worn down from Monday and Tuesday, but the week is not yet almost over.  Maybe you wonder if you have the emotional or physical energy to make it through the rest of the week.  Maybe you wonder if you have the emotional energy to make it through the rest of the day.

I feel you.

You with your reheated coffee cup sitting at your desk surrounded by tidy or untidy (depending on how the day went) piles of paper.

Maybe you carry home the cares of students, tucked tidily away in your  teacher-bag with your plan book.  Maybe things occurred today in the classroom that weren’t in the plan book.  Maybe you drive home to another job, a house full of children, a messy kitchen, or an achingly empty house.  Maybe you acquire just enough rest in the evening to find emotional energy to get out of bed the next morning.

Maybe you spend your heart in the classroom and you teach more than curriculum. Maybe you want to do better than you do now, but you’re doing your best for the season.  Maybe you wish there was just one extra day in the weekend to grocery shop, clean house, recreate with your family, and read a good book.

Maybe you love your job, but you get worn down from the constant, everyday-ness of it.  Maybe you need a pat on the back, but your particular clientele is not given to thanking you because they don’t yet realize what a precious pearl is their education.

This is your pat on the back.  Right here.

Each classroom is a tiny microcosm of society, and you are the governor. You act as judge, jury, counselor, coach, cheerleader, and parent.  You set the tone, you keep the fire stoked, you arbitrate the injustices, you provide the passion.

Yes, your energy is spent, but it is spent on this one, wondrously wild life you have been given, and it is well-spent.  Children will remember you 30 and 40 years after you taught them because you are famous in their eyes. You are a pillar in the simple structure that is their life so far.

Being a pillar is not easy. You bear weight.  Sleep deep, play hard, get back in the arena.  And when Friday morning comes, and you are in the home stretch, remember that the last mile of the race is the hardest, but the finish line is coming.


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