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A Dood Day

Posted on Dec 5, 2017 by in Family | 1 comment

I hear the wind whistling restlessly at my window, and it matches my own restless, anxious spirit.

The more the Christmas season amps up, the more I crave simplicity.

Simple recipes, simple decorations, simple schedule.


At the end of a very long day full of many cares, worries, and frustrations, I flop down on my bed and Susanna joins me, wanting to tell me about her day.  I look at her expectantly.

“It was a dood day,” she says, “I had ham and Cheetos. Lots of Cheetos. And I played Anna and Elsa. So it was a dood day.”

If only every day were as simple as Susanna’s.

I hear someone’s wind chimes jangling anxiously in the whipping wind, the same way my own nerves jangle with the stressful tides of life. But I think the simple signs are there to lead me on to peace, if I will have eyes of wisdom to see the beauty in the bedlam.

I click a few photos on my phone, stepping stones of gratitude.

Ben and Isaac, in a rare moment of truce from bickering, playing Nintendo together. Bluebell and Daisy in Abby’s old dollhouse, exploring and delighting the kids by popping their heads out the windows and doors.  Abby, performing onstage for her musical theater class. Abby learned to cook eggs and now she makes me breakfast in our early mornings together. A student in class enjoying the birds. This particular student has been so impressed by the birds that he has chosen to buy his own.  Jen Wilken inductive bible study on 1 Peter–just the right kind of challenge to slow down  and study deep.

May your days be dood, my friends, and may your pile of Cheetos be plentiful.

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  1. I love this!

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