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When You Hate to Disappoint People

Posted on Jan 19, 2018 by in Boundaries, Faith, Family | 1 comment


It’s true that when following the principles of healthy boundaries, you will disappoint people. And you will say no to things you used to say yes to.  And certain people won’t like that. At all.

All of that is true. And all of that is worth it.

My kids have this Kool-Aid stuff they love. It comes in a tiny bottle and it’s basically Kool-Aid concentrate.  So if they want a cup of Kool-Aid, they have only to squeeze one squirt into a cup of water.  Voila! instant Kool-Aid.  One squeeze makes a perfect cup.

But what happens if you put one squirt of Kool-Aid into a two cups of water?  Or one squirt into a whole pitcher?  Yep. Less flavor, less enjoyment.  Watery Kool-aid.  Watery because you are trying to make one limited amount flavor unlimited amounts of water and it wasn’t meant to do that.

We weren’t meant to be all things to all people.  The truth is, you can live with watery Kool-Aid, and you can live without boundaries.  But life is not what it could be.

Choosing boundaries is choosing thriving over surviving, peace over uncertainty, and clarity over chaos.

When we don’t have boundaries to protect our potency—the truest, most energized, most passionate version of ourselves, we become watered down Kook-Aid.  Our energy is diffused throughout a larger space because we haven’t protected our priorities.

Disappointing people is a part of life.  Boundaries help us ensure that we disappoint the right people.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Interesting take….

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