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Ashley Suzanne

Little Pieces of Ordinary is my tiny patch of internet home. I’m Ashley Suzanne.








I was born and raised in mid-Missouri,

home of farmers and salt-of-the-earth people

and the most glorious unfolding of all four seasons.

I love poetry

and books

and all things creative.

I love alone time and reflection and spirituality.

More Mary than Martha,

vision cast-er who

might forget details.

Spend most of my time

mothering my four

wee ones,IMG_8853

who present

the greatest creative project

of all.

Iced coffee,

hot tea,

introverted extrovert.




My posts have been featured on

The Gospel Coalition

InCourage for Women

And one wee article in LifeWay Magazine.

If you would like to get in contact with me, my email address is


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